Is Better Than a Diet.

The AmpliPhi Store is unique from other wellness stores in that its products are exclusive, completely Biological and Natural. (Learn More)

AmpliPhi products are sourced based on standards that others are not even trying to reach. These other suppliers, many of which can be referred to as “Big-Nutrition” (“Big-Pharma’s” twin brother), mass manufacture supplements and vitamins which are synthesized versions of nature’s botanical ingredients. Natural nutrient supplier use enhanced ingredients but they still contain many fillers and flow agents.

What makes us different?

  1. Real – Our products are the real plant botanicals or natural compounds FROM nature, not synthetic copy-cats OF nature. Big-Nutrition products are derived from chemical reactions in man-made labs. These Big-Nutrition products may have a form similar to that of a natural product, as a stuffed animal may look like the real animal, but they don’t act like one. Given the profit motive of Big-Nutrition, they are enticed to synthesize a fake version of the natural product, so they can patent and protect it. Natural products cannot be patented. These replicated versions are far less effective and often dangerous. For example, “an overdose of vitamin D3 can cause serious or life-threatening side effects” because it contains the same ingredient that is in rat poison (cholecalciferol).
  2. Naturally Produced – Our products are wild-crafted or super farmed on our own farms, ranches and facilities or through joint venture farms that utilize our stringent guidelines in soil preparation, pest mitigation, nutrients, harvesting & extraction techniques. Other farm products don’t use our advanced farming technology.
  3. Cleanly Manufactured – We do not cut corners on the manufacturing phase. The overwhelming % of nutritional supplements contain flow agents (so the pilling machines don’t get jammed), preservatives, additives, colorants, dyes and fillers, to maximize profits. These flow agents and fillers are typically; chalk, caulk, sawdust, glass, or soap. As we increase output and move from our current hand filled capsules, we will use natural mineral-based compounds as flow agents which will improve rather than diminish digestion.
  4. Exclusive – We have chosen not to release our proprietary and inherited formulations to other companies. Most of these products are unique and inherited/gifted/shared from families of ancient practitioners from Japan, China, native Americans, Maoris and Polynesians. We are under agreement, not to share or sales many of these formulations.
  5. Quality Priced – Many companies want the value of these natural products, but are unwilling to reduce margins or raise prices above their competition to offer them. We have higher prices and lower margins. We are doing it for the value it gives our customers. Our target customers understand the difference in quality and are will to pay more for that quality. These customers also value the unique, proprietary ingredients and formulations that are not available elsewhere.

AmpliPhi also provides remote DNA BioEnergetic Tuning Therapies and DNA Scanning. The Ampliphi Store allows you to choose from a growing variety of DNA Tuning Therapies and DNA Scanning options. (Learn More)

Bioenergetics can be defined as the study and application of energy relationships and energy transformations and transductions in living organisms. At Ampliphi we use the cutting-edge science of remote frequency application through one’s DNA to deliver energy to support vital living organisms and neutralize harmful living organisms in one’s body. The technology is also used to read the “state” of your blood chemistry and organs to find out if they are “in or out of tune” from their natural state or if they are causing inflammation or diminished functionality in your body? DNA scanning provides clients with full or partial body scan reports. With report information you can decide which remote DNA Tuning Therapies will bring those elements back “in tune”.

Remote DNA Frequency Tuning and Scanning, how does that work?  We will send you a DNA Collection Kit where you will provide vials of saliva, urine and hair. We then scan or tune your DNA in our specialized Phi-Chambers using various healing and tuning frequencies. These frequencies will be communicated to your body from the DNA’s Quantum antennae via a Quantum Physics principle called Quantum Entanglement. This is where two entangled particles can relay information to each other regardless of the distance between them.  Spooky? Yes, but this is a key for the new Quantum computers.  

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